Prague Is the Cheapest City In Europe for Ballet, Opera, Art

The Czech capital has been named the best value European city for culture vultures

Looking at 16 cultural capitals and the cost of experiences like opera, galleries, and museums, Britain’s Post Office’s annual Cost of Culture report has placed Prague in the top spot as the cheapest city for a cultural experience.

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Six world-class cultural highlights in Prague cost just £93.58 – down 26 per cent since last year.

By comparison, a ticket to see the Barber of Seville at the English National Opera, London, at £96.50, costs more than an entire weekend’s worth at Prague.

A ticket for the Czech National Ballet (Valmont, £24.21) is less than a quarter of the cost of the Vienna State Opera Ballet (Giselle, £107.15). 

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Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow, and Stockholm rounded out the Top 5. The most expensive city was Barcelona followed by Madrid, Paris, London, and Vienna. 

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Infographic via The Telegraph

Looking overseas, the cost of culture in New York was estimated to be 266 per cent more expensive than the Czech capital.

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One thing, by our estimation, that Prague is missing is no-admission museums; a number of museums in spendy London are free making it a good value destination for art lovers.

A tip for an upcoming Prague culture event that is easy on the budget? The annual Opera in Šárka, a free open-air performance in Prague’s Divoká Šárka nature preserve. 

Prague was recently named one of the top 3 most culturally vibrant cities in Europe as well.

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