Prague’s “Other” Golden Lane: Na Kocourkách

Prague’s “Other” Golden Lane: Na Kocourkách

With the long waits at Prague Castle these days, here’s a tip for exploring what some local history buffs refer to as the other Golden Lane: Na Kocourkách street in the Prague 6 district of Střešovice, whose picturesque cottages rival the castle address known for its Kafka connection and crowds.

Na Kocourkách was founded in the 19th century as a worker’s colony where homes were built into the sandstone rocks.

Author and contributor Petr Ryska writes of the area in his article 10 Perfectly Preserved Villages in Prague:


“Would you like to visit the famous Golden Lane without crowds of tourists and with free admission? If so, take a walk along similarly quaint old Střešovičky on the southern slopes of Strešovice. It is one of the best-preserved old villages in Prague. On Na Kocourkách (young tomcats) lane you will find the original atmosphere of this former worker’s hamlet. Walking through the lane you can see old houses (built directly into sand rocks), cobblestones, and replicas of old gas lanterns.”

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Visitors will find the core of the historic village on the back of a hill along the streets of Anděl and Norbert, adds Ryska (see the map from his blog Praha Neznama below; additional photos of the area can be found here).

Map: Petr Ryska /
Map: Petr Ryska /

Though some of the houses along the lane have been modernized, the area still has incredible charm—so much so that it became a conservation area in 2004.

Střešovice, a 10-minute walk from Prague Castle, was home to former President Václav Havel. Other major sights include Villa Müller by functionalist architect Adolf Loos and the Public Transport Museum.

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