Security Checks Mean Long Lines at Prague Castle

Planning to visit the Castle anytime soon? Get used to long waits at security check points as police perform individual searches

Visitors to Prague Castle have experienced up to 200-meter-long queues in recent days, as tourists are subjected to police checks at each entry to the castle as well as at St. Vitus Cathedral, reports iDnes.

In response to the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, random police checks began to take place a month ago in an effort to strengthen security measures; as of last Thursday, searches are now focused on every visitor.

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Before each of the four entrances to Prague Castle, visitors must now allow police to search the contents of their bags.

Wait times of up on to an hour are being reported with the biggest queues forming at the main entrance to the first courtyard and from the Powder Bridge. The fastest clearance is reportedly at the entrance to Queen Anne’s Summer Palace and the Old Castle Steps.

Crowds of tourists were also recently spotted waiting in front of St. Vitus Cathedral, where additional policing is now taking place. Most foreigners told the publication that they did not mind waiting, and that to see the sites is worth it.

But tour guides in particular are not so happy with the recent policing policy, finding the queues to be a challenge to their businesses.

According to a representative from castle, the security measures will continue, though within a few months the implementation of new security features hope to speed up the checks. In the meantime, police will continue to check visitors until further notice.

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