The 5 Most Visited Castles and Palaces In the Czech Republic Last Year

The National Heritage Institute says that these were the most popular castles and chateaux in the Czech lands in 2017

Following the customary winter break, Czech castles will begin opening their doors to the public this month.

Among those already open for visitors are Svojanov Castle, one of the oldest Czech royal castles, located in the Pardubice region, and medieval stronghold Karlštejn Castle which will extend its opening hours this year as well continue its exhibit of castle treasures.

The majority of monuments officially open on March 30th, Good Friday, an ideal long weekend for exploring some of the nearly 2,000 castles, chateaus, and stately homes of the Czech lands, many of which offer Easter markets and accompanying programs.

In the meantime, these are the top five most visited castles in the Czech Republic in 2017 according to the National Heritage Institute:

5. Kroměříž Palace

kromeriz castle gardens aerial view
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Kroměříž is a Moravian town in the Zlín region of the Czech Republic; its Baroque Bishop’s Palace, where scenes from Amadeus and Immortal Beloved were filmed, is the town’s main landmark.
Number of visitors in 2017: 185,000
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4. Karlštejn Castle

Photo via Wikipedia / @luckaskalista

A Gothic stronghold built by King Charles IV to house the crown jewels and other royal relics in 1348, it’s located on a rocky promontory 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Prague.
Number of visitors in 2017: 228,000
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3. Hluboká Castle

Photo via Wikipedia / @romanhorak

Due to its scale, character, original furnishings, and extensive park, this castle is one of the most significant Romantic monuments in the European and world context.
Number of visitors in 2017: 296,000
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2. Lednice Chateau

Photo via Wikipedia / @Holgereberie

A 19th-century palace built on a Renaissance chateau and Gothic fort, this South Moravian manse boasts the largest park in the country which covers 200 km2.
Number of visitors in 2017: 418,000
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1. Český Krumlov

Photo via Wikipedia / @High-Contrast

Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements, an 11-hectare garden, original 17th-century Baroque theater and its panoramic belltower view give this South-Bohemian stunner endless tourist appeal.
Number of visitors in  2017: 466,000
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How many of these castles have you visited?

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