The Czech Republic’s Big Freeze by the Numbers

The Czech Republic’s Big Freeze by the Numbers

This week’s arctic weather outbreak took a drastic turn last night with one of the biggest temperature drops on record occuring as temps in some places fell from -4°C to -18°C overnight, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

Don’t pack your bags for Spain just yet: meteorologists predict weather throughout the country will “warm up” in the coming days with practically tropical temperatures of plus one to two degrees forecasted for Thursday.

While this is some of the coldest weather the Czech Republic has had to endure in recent years, it isn’t the chilliest by far. Read on for extreme weather numbers from 2017 and past years:

Lowest recorded temperature in Prague this year: -16°C (January 11, 2017)

Lowest historic temperature on record in Prague: –27.6°C (recorded from Clementinum March 1, 1785)

Lowest recorded temperature in the Czech Republic this year: -34.6°C (Březník, Šumava)

Lowest temperature recorded last night: -27.5°C (Rokytské slate)

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Lowest recorded temperature in Moravia this year: -25.7°C (Štítné nad Vláří breaking its 2009 record of -23.0°C)

Lowest historic temperature recorded in Czechia: -42.2°C (recorded February 11, 1929 in Litvínovice near České Budějovice)

Highest reported wind speed in the Czech mountains this year: 90 km/h

Current warmest place in the country: Hejnice -8.7°C

Highest temperature recorded in Bohemia last night: -0.5 (Prague, Clementinum)

Lowest temperature recorded in Moravia last night: Hostalkova Vsetínsko (-21.4)

Deaths due to severe cold: 25 (4 in Prague)

Number of years weather has been recorded from Clementinum: 265 (Meteorlogical measurements were begun here in 1752; it is one of the oldest weather observation stations in Central Europe.)

See here for more extreme weather records in the Czech Republic.

Elizabeth Haas

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