The Hoff Speeding Down the D1: Viral Marketing at Its Finest

The Hoff Speeding Down the D1: Viral Marketing at Its Finest

A new video making the social media rounds yesterday features a bizarre montage of Czech landmarks and pop cultural icons inserted into an episode of the 80s television hit Knight Rider where KITT races down the D1 highway.

The video quickly went viral garnering thousands shares from Brno-based creator Michal Orsava’s Facebook page as well as racking up loads of views on YouTube.

Orsava spoke with the Marketing Journal about the clip, which took him half a year to create, and is a parody of the Diamond Race, a controversial Czech auto race which involves the owners of luxury cars (though the filmmaker says his intention was not to promote any particular event or brand.)

Orsava collaborated on Knight Rider with production company PIXTREAM; the crew even put together a making-of video for Knight Rider (see below).

Orsava said the aim of the video was “To pull someone from another world into ours. It’s funny when Tom Hanks looks at a poster with Hana Zagorová,” he said, referring to his last on-line success, | BRNO | – A city full of excitement! which has over 300,000 YouTube views and features Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon exploring the Moravian capital.

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In the future, he told the publication, he hopes to continue filming viral videos and with more of a focus on advertising creation.

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