Tried & Tested: 5 Prague Taxi Apps

Looking for ease of taxi travel? Try these mobile apps for Prague taxi services

Modrý Anděl

App available for Android and Apple
FREE (But registration required)

The app from this taxi service allows you to reserve and track Modrý Anděl taxi. With GPS, BTSky, and wireless network, the app will try to pinpoint your location so as to determine the estimated arrival time of a taxi and an estimated fare. In case your location cannot be determined, you can set up your location on the map. Photos of drivers and their cars are provided and customers can choose a driver based on ratings, photos, and comments. After your ride (or even during it) the app allows you to inform friends of your experience via social media.

Due to the registration, the app requires a password, which has been an issue with some users. Other complaints include the app ordering two taxis or the taxi not arriving at the exact address. Having said that, a lot of comments are positive (as much as you can trust every online comment on a product). The current rating is 4/5 for Android. There are not enough ratings for the Apple version.

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Tried & Tested: 5 Prague Taxi Apps


App available for Android and Apple

We have covered this one before, but we’ve included it again because it allows you to find and compare those taxi drivers based on price, rating or arrival time. The updated version claims to have fixed some issues with the Apple version and translation mistakes. Of course the app only shows those drivers registered with the service.

Again the ratings have come from Android users and again they tend to be mostly positive. Overall it is 4/5. Interestingly, the company does respond to both praise and negative feedback. It was among them that a spokesperson for the company said that drivers are more likely to respond to a fare in the center than one which is far away or anonymous.

Tried & Tested: 5 Prague Taxi Apps


App available for Android

This app allows you to find a nearby AAATaxi cab. It also uses GPS, wifi, and mobile networks to work out your location or to enter your location. The app can then provide estimated price and arrival time and allow you to track the taxi. The website claims that users get the first ten rides for 19.90 CZK/km but the website shows this as the standard price. Another tip regarding price, the website recommends that you ask for the cheaper rates (14.90–16.90 CZK) or for a discount of 40–47%.

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The rating is 3.7 out of five. Most of the comments are dated and problems included not working on certain phones or not allowing people to pay easily by card.

Tried & Tested: 5 Prague Taxi Apps

Nejlevnější Taxi Praha

App available for Android and Apple (or online via web-browsers)

As the company’s name suggests they promise the cheapest fares in Prague. Once your location is determined, the app shows the company’s nearby rides and then allows you to order one. You can also book for a later date and includes a box to tick if you will be traveling with a pet and/or paying by credit card.

Android users have rated this art 4.4. Positive remarks say it is fast and easy to use. The negative remark said there was no zoom.

Tried & Tested: 5 Prague Taxi Apps


Available for Android and Apple

Based on your pickup point, the app can calculate price and time, as with the other apps. It claims to find fares as low as 9.90 CZK/km.

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The rating from Android users is 3.9 out of five. One negative comment concerned the wait time, which the app developers said had to do with the location. Another comment complained about authorization of calls, though the developers explained this as a means to prevent unwanted calls being made.

Tried & Tested: 5 Prague Taxi Apps

What has been your experience with apps for taxis in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic?

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