VIDEO: Amazing Recreation of 14th-Century Construction of Charles Bridge

VIDEO: Amazing Recreation of 14th-Century Construction of Charles Bridge

The appearance of Prague in the second half of the 14th century would probably surprise you—it was actually a huge construction site with demolition and building taking place everywhere.

One of the most technically and economically challenging building projects of the day was that of a stone bridge, a replacement for the 12th-century Judith Bridge, under the patronage of King Charles IV.

Thanks to a unique 3D virtual rendering of the construction process, we lay people can see what went into the construction of the ancient pillars and vaulted fields of one of the Czech Republic’s most important monuments: the Charles Bridge.

Take a look at how builders in the 14th century connected the right and left banks of the Vltava in this 3D animation created by the project Prague-Archaeological.

See additional photos and a wealth of information on the construction of the bridge here

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