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Zoom Down Giant Antler Slides for Free On New Czech Trail

Combination tree-top walk and interactive game, a new trail has opened this past weekend in Krkonoše

A new nature trail has opened this past weekend at the Velká Úpa ski resort in Pec in the pod Sněžkou region of the Krkonoše mountains – and according to Pec pod Sněžkou mayor Alan Tomášek the Pecka Landscape Game (Herní krajina Pecka) is “an original that is unparalleled in the Czech Republic.”

The trail, which incorporates elements of the surrounding forest, meadow, and water into a kind of escape game imagined by Jan Švankmajer is comprised of giant wooden installations inspired by the flora and fauna of the surrounding mountainous region and includes giant deer antlers that double as slides.

Sculptor Matěj Hájek and architect Tereza Kučerová, who created the Bororo park at the Prague Zoo are the creative force behind the project, a cross-border cooperation with the Karpacz mountain resort on the Polish side of the Krkonoše Mountains which will eventually build its own landscape game.

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The forest-world segment of the attraction will be accompanied by a 5-meter-high trail that reaches the treetops, with giant replica wooden black-stork nests which visitors can explore.

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The attraction, which is reached by cable car, is open daily through autumn from  9:30 to 17:30 and is free to the public; it is hoped that having such an attraction in a lesser-known area will help relieve parts of the Krkonoše National Park which experience mass waves of tourists in the warmer months.

In the nearby Janské Lázně region of the Krkonoše mountains, a giant forest slide opened last July.

See here for directions and details.

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