Prague Named the Cheapest City in the World for Date Night

The Valentine’s Day Price Index 2017 evaluates the cost of a romantic night out in cities around the globe
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The flowery folks at Bloomy Days have put out their “Valentine’s Day Price Index 2017”—and Prague tops the list as the most affordable destination for romance.

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Reps for the international florist, headquartered in Germany, say they were inspired to conduct their research upon noticing that the prices spent on V-day floral arrangements varied greatly from city to city:

“We undertook this study after noticing sharp differences in the sums of money customers are willing to spend on Valentine’s bouquets, depending on the city from which they place their order. With customer budgets on our mind, we wanted to investigate how much costs differ for popular Valentine’s gifts, including flowers, across the world.”

Bloomy Days researched the costs for the most popular romantic activities in 50 cities worldwide. These included a trip to the movies, a dozen roses, entry to a spa, a meal in a Michelin-star restaurant with wine, and a night in a 4-5* hotel. 

A spokesperson adds: “Factors were standardized ensuring consistency across different cities and countries, to create a fair and accurate representation of the price comparison.”

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The Czech capital ranked as the least expensive place for a bit of romantic pampering at just £377; it was followed by Cork (£399) and Madrid (£435) as the least expensive.

Los Angeles proved the most expensive—for the cost of one night in L.A. (£1081.46) you could enjoy an entire weekend in Prague.

Full results of the index are here.

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