Butterfly House to Honor Karlín’s Industrial Past, Green Future

Possibly Prague’s greenest building to date, this extraordinary buttefly-shaped structure will have a bird and insect shelter and vertical garden on the facade

Prague’s futuristic building projects are wildly inventive and noticeably plentiful—for an interactive map to those proposed structures, see our article here.

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Yet another exciting new project currently taking shape in the Czech capital, has just been announced by architectural firm CMC.

With plans for completion in December of this year, the Butterfly House already has green enthusiasts and urban dwellers spinning their (shared) bike wheels.

The butterfly-shaped complex, coming to Prague’s Karlín district, will boast elevators with regenerative power, automatic exterior shutters controlled by sunlight, charging stations for electric vehicles, and shelters for birds, bumblebees, and even bats.

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Photo: CMCA / Facebook

In a nod to the neighborhood’s industrial past, architects say the four “wings” of its butterfly-shaped structure symbolize factory chimneys, while the green of neighboring Vitkov Hill will be suggested by a vertical garden growing along its facade.

The 1,400 m2 facade will grow 40,000 seedlings, cared for by automatic rainwater-storage irrigation and fertilization, a system said to reduce dust and regulate humidity and temperatures.

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According to lifestyles server PrimaLiving, the Butterfly House has been awarded a BREEAM Excellent promise certification which confirms that it meets a number of criteria that qualify it as a sustainable building project.

The building will be located on Pernerova street.

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