Czech Innovation: Fighting Terror with Flower-Box Barriers

In an effort to curb public truck attacks, Czech researchers have developed structures made of reinforced concrete

A Czech organization says that it has invented a pair of safety solutions that can protect crowded public areas from terrorists behind the wheel.

The Institute of Protective Concrete Constructions is comprised of security experts who aim to connect government, academic, and military organizations with products that increase the protection of critical infrastructure.

According to Czech news server, one of those innovations is a “flower pot against terror” as well as a special public bench, both made to withstand explosions, impacts, and blast waves. 

The unobtrusive planters and benches are made of UHPC (Ultra High Performed Concrete), a high-strength concrete with a cement core reinforced with steel fibers.

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The motivation behind the development of UHPC, tested in recent years at the Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of Defence in Brno, was obvious: the continuing risk of terrorist attacks in Europe, particularly the devastating raids on busy markets and squares by truck.

Last year more than a hundred people died in Nice, Stockholm, and Berlin. Last Thursday evening in Barcelona, 13 perished and over a hundred were injured.

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Additional details regarding the public flower boxes, which require an anchor and therefore a building permit, will be released following further development. Benches are intended for airports and railways as well.

A number of Czech cities have already shown preliminary interest including Ostrava and Pilsen. The Institute plans to offer its solutions to foreign markets in the UK, Germany, France, and the Middle East.

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