Žižkov Beer Garden

VIDEO: Prague residents return to beer gardens as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

We spoke with Žižkov Beer Garden to find out how the coronavirus pandemic has affected Prague beer gardens

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As anti-coronavirus restrictions are eased in the Czech Republic, outdoor areas of restaurants, pubs, and other facilities have been able to operate since May 11.

While the beer garden season has gotten off to a late start this year due to the pandemic, most venues are now in full operation with Prague residents now returning to their favorite locales – along with a few new ones.

We spoke one of those new ventures, Žižkov Beer Garden, to find out what they have on tap for this season, how they’ve been affected by the ongoing coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic, and what the regulations mean for the future of beer gardens in Prague this summer.

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“We were scheduled to start a month earlier and this was a minor setback, especially since this is the first year we are here,” Žižkov Beer Garden’s Ondřej Pacner told us.

“We are a little afraid there will be a second wave of coronavirus coming, but we think that this is a place were you can get as close to normal as is really possible in this time.”

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“We strictly keep the distance between tables at 1.5 meters, but people can sit here and enjoy themselves without the face masks while drinking. Of course you still have to be careful, but as long as people are considerate I think it’s going to be fine.”

With beer gardens and other outdoor areas reopening after two months of lockdown, it looks like – fingers crossed – the summer season can officially begin.

Given the impact of the coronavirus on indoor businesses, outdoor locations could see an even bigger rise in popularity this year. The Žižkov Beer Garden is one of a number of new beer gardens in Prague for 2020, which also include a new location by the Hilton Hotel in Prague 8 and a resurrection of the once-popular Riegrovy sady beer garden.

Which Prague beer garden are you looking to try out this summer?

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