Czech “Barbie” Runs For Office on Anti-Islam Ticket

“Vote for Barbie!” reads billboards in Ostrava for the new face of the Dawn Party and the Block Against Islam initiative

Unusual election campaigns can not only be seen in the USA this year, but also in at least one local movement in the Czech Republic.

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In Ostrava, newly-erected billboards that feature a beautiful blonde pinup and a whole lotta pink might at first seem like promotion for a nightclub or escort service.

But au contraire: they’re part of a new election campaign for a 21-year-old who hopes to become the face of the Czech Republic’s controversial Úsvit – Národní Koalice (Dawn – National Coalition) and the Blok proti islámu (Block Against Islam) initiative.

Dominika Myslivcová, who unironically refers to herself as “Barbie” on Facebook, is a popular blogger and YouTuber based out of Ostrava. 

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And now, she’s (apparently) running for public office.

At the web address (Vote for Barbie), which redirects to Myslivcová’s personal website, viewers can watch a 2-minute YouTube clip where the videoblogger answers some questions about her campaign. A list of dates in Ostrava and surrounding cities presumably marks public appearances.

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She identifies herself as an independent candidate for the Dawn Party in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Dawn, founded in 2013 by controversial senator Tomio Okamura, is perhaps best-known for their outspoken anti-immigration stance.

Earlier this year, the Party announced joint cooperation with the Block Against Islam initiative, then-headed by Martin Konvička, who went on to stage the infamous mock terror invasion in Prague’s Old Town Square a few weeks ago.

On YouTube, Myslivcová’s “Pink Rap,” released in 2014, has over 3.5 million views:

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