Expats.cz Writer’s Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting content to Expats.cz
Interested in writing for Expats.cz? We are always looking for well-researched, well-written articles on items of interest to the expat community in Prague, and the Czech Republic. Here are some general guidelines.

Articles must:

  • Be provided in an MS Word Document (.doc) with any requested formatting.
  • Be written in standard English, free of any typos or grammar issues.
  • Be approx. 800-1000 words in length.
  • Be relevant to the international community living in Prague.
  • Our target audience lives in Prague, they are not tourists. We want information useful to people who are living here.
  • Use standards (monetary, measurements, etc.) relevant to the Czech Republic. Please quote all prices in Czech crowns in this format: 100 CZK.
  • Provide factual, objective and unbiased information.
  • Include contact information in the article; no sidebars, please. This format is best: Expat Shop (www.expatshop.cz) OR if there is no web address, please supply the street address.
  • Provide a clear, step-by-step solution in the body of the article to any issues raised.
  • Please read through the website. You´ll get an idea of topics we´ve covered and see that we prefer a casual, friendly style. We also prefer articles that will have some relevance to both newcomer´s as well as people who have lived here for a number of years.
  • Please pitch us your idea first; along with a couple samples of your writing.

If you are interested in writing for us, but don´t have any ideas, please send an email along with some writing samples. Please don´t send completed articles. Pitches (and any other questions) can be sent to cs@expats.cz.

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