National Theatre Piazzetta Renamed Václav Havel Square

The space located between the buildings of the National Theatre has been officially renamed on the eve of Havel’s 80th

The ‘Piazzetta’, or Small Square, between the buildings of Prague’s National Theatre on Národní has been a favorite spot for art installations and other cultural activity over the years.

But it’s long lacked an official name. At least in English.

Following a suggestion from National Theatre director Jan Burian, however, the space finally has one: from today, it is known as Václav Havel Square.

Late last month, Prague City Council approved the request to change the name.

On October 4, the eve of what would have been the beloved ex-president’s 80th birthday, an inauguration ceremony officially welcomed the Square under its new name.

Street signs bearing the name were erected along the sides of the square, and an art installation from sculptor Kurt Gebauer called Srdce pro V.H. (Heart for V.H.) can currently be seen at the location. 

A ceremony at 17:00 was attended by Havel’s widow, Dagmar Havlová, along with Prague mayor Adriana Krnáčová, who were both in New York City last week for the inaugural Václav Havel Day.

Also displayed at the location is Havel’s Renault TSE, the first car the president used after taking office, which was a gift from the president of Portugal. The car is on loan from Prague’s National Technical Museum.

Photo: Facebook / Festival Pražské křižovatky
Photo: Facebook / Festival Pražské křižovatky

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