Anti-Migrant Demonstrators Carry Nooses in Prague

Two demonstrators were photographed marching with gallows at yesterday’s Wenceslas Square protest

Two demonstrators carrying nooses attached to handmade gallows were photographed at yesterday’s anti-immigrant demonstration at Wenceslas Square.

While police were present at the demonstration, they did not intervene.

Disturbing photos of the pair can be seen on, captured by photographer Yan Renelt. The two men are smiling while proudly displaying the nooses, which bear inscriptions that urge the execution of “traitors”.

It’s the latest shocking anti-immigrant story to come out of the Czech Republic.

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“Democracy does not belong to the gallows,” tweeted Interior Minister Milan Chovanec. 

He’s asking for an investigation into the incident, and whether freedom of speech in the Czech Republic covers this kind of incendiary symbolism, according to iDnes.

“I see there a hint of crime – inciting hatred against a certain group of people,” lawyer Klára Kalibová told iDnes in the same article.

Wednesday’s demonstration – and others throughout the country – comes off the back of discussion of EU migrant quotas as southern EU countries see an influx of refugees.

Thus far, the Czech government – along with Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia – has expressed opposition to the quotas

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