Prague Named World’s 6th-Best Travel Destination

2016 TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards rank the Czech capital above Rome, New York City; London tops list

Popular travel resource TripAdvisor announced some new 2016 Travelers’ Choice Awards yesterday, with UK capital London tapped as the world’s top travel destination. Prague came in at number 6.

The TripAdvisor rankings are based on an algorithm that incorporates user reviews for a city’s restaurants, hotels, and attractions into an overall score.

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While the 6th place ranking for Prague is high, it’s actually a small slip from last year’s rankings, where the Czech capital ranked number 5.

The site’s description of Prague suggests the city may be in danger of becoming passé:

“We hear the question, “What’s the next Prague?” a lot. But while we’re all for discovering great new destinations, we hardly think Prague is over. Sure, everyone’s heard of it, but it’s still a grand city with extraordinary historic and cultural sights, and it’s definitely worth a visit. The often-rebuilt Prague Castle has overlooked the city since the 9th century, and the synagogues and cemetery of the Jewish Quarter are must-sees. Nightlife here is diverse and plentiful, from trendy clubs to sophisticated wine bars to late-night cellar bars.”

Here are the world’s top 25 destinations from TripAdvisor:

1. London, United Kingdom
2. Istanbul, Turkey
3. Marrakech, Morocco
4. Paris, France
5. Siem Reap, Cambodia
6. Prague, Czech Republic
7. Rome, Italy
8. Hanoi, Vietnam
9. New York City, US
10. Ubud (Bali), Indonesia
11. Barcelona, Spain
12. Lisbon, Portugal
13. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
14. St. Petersburg, Russia
15. Bangkok, Thailand
16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
17. Buenos Aires, Argentina
18. Hong Kong, China
19. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
20. Cape Town Central, South Africa
21. Tokyo, Japan
22. Cusco, Peru
23. Kathmandu, Nepal
24. Sydney, Australia
25. Budapest, Hungary

In 2015, Marrakech topped the list and Prague was ranked ahead of this year’s top pick, London, which came in at number 6. Buenos Aires and Cape Town dropped out of the top 10, replaced by New York City and Ubud.

TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards cover a variety of categories.

Earlier this year, Prague’s U zlaté studně Hotel was ranked as the third-best luxury hotel in the world. 

Last year, Prague Zoo was named the world’s fourth-best.

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