Don’t Drink on These Prague Streets

This map reveals the 800+ places in the Czech capital where drinking alcohol in public is prohibited

Unlike, say, the United States, there are no widespread “open container” laws in force in the Czech Republic. It’s acceptable, even commonplace, to walk down the streets of Prague with an uncapped beer in hand.

But did you know you can’t drink everywhere in the Czech capital?

Certain areas of the city – including many of the central streets in the Old Town area, bus and train stations, and parks and areas around playgrounds and schools – fall under an ordinance that bans drinking in public.

The ordinance currently prohibits public drinking in 800 locations across Prague; this number was greatly boosted thanks to a 2013 amendment.

Prague 1, 4, and 8 contain the most zones where public drinking is banned. Many of the bar-friendly streets in the Old Town strip around Dlouha are included.

If you’re caught drinking in a forbidden zone, you may face a fine of 1,000 CZK.

This interactive map created with Google Maps shows just where you can and can’t drink in Prague:

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