What can you find inside

Look how much we have managed to squeeze into this year's Survival Guide

Part of the original expats concept, our aim was to provide objective, helpful and unbiased information to English speaking foreigners in Prague. It is the perfect tool for families moving to the Czech Repubic, HR managers in international companies and for individuals.

The Expats.cz Survival Guide is the most comprehensive guide to living in the Czech Republic – learn how to obtain a mobile phone contract, how to use the post office, how to greet your Czech neighbors, how to install a telephone line, and much more.

Hit the ground with your feet running in business, by finding top services in English. From doctors, to SRO (Czech Company) purchases, to finding a babysitter – you’ll find it all in the guide.

What can you find inside

Featuring truly smart, comprehensive, insightful, and unbiased advice for living in the Czech Republic, the Expats.cz Survival Guide is an invaluable guide for all expatriates and English-speaking foreigners. Find listings for expatriate services all over the city to go along with helpful and informative articles.

What can you find inside

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