Need an Emergency Haircut? Call Prague’s Barber Ambulance!
via Facebook / Barber Ambulance

Need an Emergency Haircut? Call Prague’s Barber Ambulance!

Imagine a food truck mixed with a barber shop, and you’ve got a good idea what Prague’s unique Barber Ambulance is all about.

That’s right: it’s a refurbished ambulance fitted out with with a barber’s chair that caters to Prague festivals and other events.

The Barber Ambulance is an offshoot of The Original Barber, a Prague-based barber shop with four brick & mortar locations around Prague (in Old Town, Říčany, and the Černý Most and Chodov Shopping Centers) and an additional location in Plzeň.

via Facebook / Barber Ambulance

While the Original Barber has been in operation since 2015, its creators have 30 years of barbering experience in Prague.

But unlike the Original Barber’s physical locations, the Barber Ambulance offers a one-of-a-kind service in Prague: it provides “hairdressing first aid” at public and private events. Anytime, anywhere.

You can book the Barber Ambulance yourself for your own company or private event at the CALL 4 CUT hotline: +420 770 666 155. Or, you know, if you’re in desperate need of immediate barber assistance.

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Or you can catch the Barber Ambulance on the go at public events throughout Prague and the Czech Republic. They were spotted in recent months at Prague events like Cannafest and Burgerfest, and music festivals including Hip Hop Kemp, Let it Roll, Metronome and others.

via Facebook / Barber Ambulance

Keep an eye on the Barber Ambulance website for a list of future events, and follow the crew through the Barber Ambulance Facebook page.

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