American Professional Eater Wins Czech Plum-Dumpling Contest

The Chicago native ate almost 200 dumplings in an hour to win the popular competition at this year’s Trnkobraní festival
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The annual Trnkobraní festival held in Vizovice near Zlín, is a Czech celebration of the plum harvest hosted by Rudolf Jelínek distillery, makers of slivovice plum brandy.

This year the festival, which took place August 18-19, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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One of its most popular events is an eating competition where contestants down traditional Czech plum dumplings (švestkové knedlíky), soaked in butter and sugar.

American celebrity eater and world record holder Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti took home top honors at this year’s competition. 

Photo: Trnkobrani / Facebook
Photo: Trnkobrani / Facebook

The Chicago native has appeared on America’s Got Talent guzzling raw eggs; he also holds titles in wing-eating and milk-drinking and is no stranger to gorging on ice cream, hot dogs, pizza, and hot peppers in the name of food-contest glory.

According to, Bertoletti managed to eat 198 plum dumplings in an hour. Second place went to Czech record holder Kamil Hamerský who finished with 166 pieces; Radim Dvořáček placed third with 156 dumplings.

Local cooks from Vizovice spend hours making over two thousand dumplings in preparation for the contest.

Bertoletti, center / Photo via Trnkobrani / Facebook
Bertoletti, center / Photo via Trnkobrani / Facebook

Following his victory, Bertoletti told the publication: “I’m full and tired,” adding, “At home, I do not compete much, I’m older and it’s hard to keep up. But I like the Czech Republic, I like the atmosphere of the festival.”

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The professional eater seems to have carried on celebrating throughout the weekend, sending out this tweet yesterday:

Maybe someone should have told him that Becherovka makes for a better aperitif than slivovice? 

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