Czech Donut Ice Cream Cone Wins Internet Over Weekend

A local bakery is getting worldwide attention for its "deep-fried dough spirals" filled with soft-serve ice cream

The cronut, the freakshake, the ramen burger—if you’ve been following the rise of these frighteningly caloric, highly instragrammable fads you’ll be happy to know there’s now a Czech entry in the hybrid junk food game: the trdelník chimney, a funnel-cake filled with soft-serve ice cream that’s sold at Prague bakery Good Food

Photo: Facebook / So Bad So Good
Photo: Facebook / So Bad So Good

This very non-traditional take on the traditional Czech (actually, Slovak) cinammon pastry made the rounds on social media through the weekend, featuring on American entertainment websites So Bad So Good and the blog much to the delight of traveling foodies who seem to have found the next big thing to salivate over.

We contacted a Good Food spokesperson to get the story behind this tubular treat:

Photo: Facebook / Good Food
Photo: Facebook / Good Food

“We were looking for a good summer product as we thought that the original chimney is not suitable for hot summer days. We tried many different combinations before finding out that the trdelník with vanilla ice cream is really delicious! Funny, it is still a bestseller even in winter time.”

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When asked if the chimney’s recent worldwide fame has been good for business, he said: 

“Very hard to say, but we do really appreciate the attention on social networks and believe that this is the way to attract more customers.”

Photo: Good Food / Facebook
Photo: Good Food / Facebook

He also attributes the success of his creation to the bakery’s quality trdelník, based on a 300-year-old recipe and made from scratch.

A savory ham-and-arugula version of the chimney is also available as are a few other sweet varieties. The drool-worthy chimney blizzard is 110 CZK.

Trdelník: Tourist trap or true Czech treat? Discuss.

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