Czech Farmer Invents Summer’s Trendiest Ice Cream Craze

Aside from his insanely popular heavy-metal scoop, the entrepreneur is experimenting with a pig’s blood variety
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The Vizkovice Goat Farm, located on the outskirts of Zlín in southeastern Moravia, specializes in natural goat-milk products, everything from cottage cheese to yogurt.

But owner Martin Vlček is currently grabbing headlines for another innovative product: a unique ice cream made from goat’s milk that is now available in an intense coal-black hue.

The idea for producing the frozen treat arose from the farm’s surplus of goat’s milk; the black edition is made especially for the upcoming Masters of Rock event, a heavy metal festival which takes places in Vizkovice annually.

(The first black batch was sold at the fest in 2016, possibly pre-dating the vogue for black ice cream that is currently sweeping the globe from London to L.A.)

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What gives the ice cream its Goth tint? Following failed experiments with squid ink, which dramatically changed the flavor of his ice cream, Vlček discovered that charred coconut shells mixed with vanilla gave the unusual zmrzlina the desired shade.

, Czech Farmer Invents Summer’s Trendiest Ice Cream Craze, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic
The first black ice cream / Vizkovice Goat Farm FB

While the craze for black ice cream is not entirely new, Vlček says his is the only black goat’s milk ice cream available on the Czech market, and it’s just one of many flavors he’s experimenting with this summer (pig’s blood and balsamic-glazed scoops were recently on offer).

Due to increased interest, the farm has extended its opening hours: visit Tuesday to Friday 14:00-18:00, Saturday 9:00-18:00, and Sunday 12:00-18:00.

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Vizkovice Goat Farm is also supplying a number of restaurants and hotels in the area, but not yet Prague as of yet. For a full list of stockists and suppliers see here.

And if you haven’t tried last summer’s it ice cream flavor in the Czech Republic see our article on stinky cheese ice cream made from Olomoucké tvarůžky and start planning your summer 2017 tasting tour.

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