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Real food back on the shelves - transparent shopping in Nusle
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“The brand Sklizeno stands for quality so you don’t have to study every label in the shop in search of meat content,” said founder David Kukla.

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These days anyone who sells tofu and a few bags of lentils feels qualified to slap the word bio on their shop signs. These newly green-ified shops lack any underlying concept or consistency in their offer—my favorites are the ones that display Big Corny “granola bars” next to the wholesome Flapjack variety.
Sklizeno doesn’t even mess around with the bio label. They get straight to the point with their motto: opravdové jidlo or real food.
“Our philosophy is to put ‘real food’ back on the shelves. This means food made without unnecessary chemicals and from quality ingredients. We also prefer local producers,” said Sklizeno founder David Kukla.

In addition, their philosophy embraces full disclosure on what’s in your food and where it comes from. The price tags feature the name of the supplier, so you know your leeks came from Farmer Procházka and your yogurt from the Němec family. The shop’s glass exterior conveys the message loud and clear: they have nothing to hide.

In contrast to the often closet-sized bio locales around the city, Sklizeno is a one-stop shop. You can buy anything from spaghetti squash to fresh butter—and everything in between—at just a 10-20 % higher cost than your average supermarket.
Near the entrance they have coolers with organic and farm-quality meat and poultry, including turkey and lamb. The dairy corner showcases fresh yogurt, cheese and milk—both cow and goat— and the veggies and fruit are located along the back wall. They also have fresh bread and pastries, and a deli counter with sausage, cured meats and hard cheeses.

For beverages, they offer a wide selection of Rubín juices, Moravian wine and beer. But not just any beer, they have an entire cooler dedicated to Kocour.

“We at Sklizeno love good beer. The Kocour microbrewery is very special because it’s the first Czech brewery to specialize in ales and not the ubiquitous Czech lager,” Kukla explained.

Of course I had to throw a few of them in my basket. I chose an I.P.A. called Samuraj and a Christmas Ale (15 °). I thought they would go down well with some špekáčky sausages (80% meat) from the deli and fresh cow’s cheese with olives. I also picked up some chicken breasts and assorted veggies to make a stir-fry.

That evening, my husband and I cracked open the beers and nibbled on the cheese while we prepared the stir-fry. My knife parted the raw chicken breast with ease—the texture alone gave away its farm quality. And after cooking it, without any salt, it actually tasted, well, like chicken should.

Later that week, I prepared a red lentil stew with onion, chicken stock and a few sliced-up špekáčky. The flavor from the sausage turned this simple dish into something amazing. The only thing missing was a few more Kocour brews to wash it down.

I have to admit, I’m hooked. The quality of everything I tried hugely outweighed the extra crowns at the check-out line. Their interesting product selection, policy of transparency, and promise of real, quality food, have distinguished them from the competition.

I especially appreciate not having to check each and every food label for quality ingredients. I can rest easy knowing the špekáčky I bought there are 80% meat—it’s only the other 20% I need to worry about.

chicken breast: 108.57 CZK (0,55 kg)
4 špekáčky: 47.64 CZK (0,36 kg)
cheese with olives: 46.44 CZK (0,19 kg)
Samuraj: 31.20 CZK (0,33 l)
Christmas Ale 15 °: 47.80 (0,5 l)

WHERE: Svatoslavova 24  Praha 4, Nusle 
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: tram stop Horky
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 7:30 – 19:30, Sat. 8 – 12

Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more

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