Prague’s Dreamiest Ice Cream Cocktails Are What You Need Today

Hotter than Rome you say? Keep calm and put vodka in your ice cream—these are some of our favorite drunken dairy delights
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The traditional Czech cukrárna has a number of things going for it, not least of which is the fact that you can usually buy alcoholic drinks there. And ice cream. With the Czech Republic seeing record-hot temps this week, there’s little else you can do except cool off with this winning combo. 

We sampled a number of Prague’s drunken cold-dairy delights over the past few days and must say our week has been better for it, though perhaps not our waistlines:


Prosecco and sorbet at Parlor
Prosecco and sorbet at Parlor

Everyone’s favorite Karlin purveyor of ice-cream-filled cookies, conveniently located near our office, is now serving a sweet and refreshing bubbly beverage of prosecco with a scoop of grapefruit (or passion fruit or strawberry basil) sorbet. The friendly barkeep/ice cream scooper told me that his ice-cold, potent gin-and-tonic ice cream drinks are also a successful summertime menu item, though following the lunchtime prosecco-sorbet session, I’ll just take his word for it. 

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One of the healthier offerings at Cacao
One of the healthier offerings at Cacao

An entire menu of buzzed-up ice cream sundaes, from sparkling wine with ice cream and vodka to mojito ice cream cocktails with white rum and homemade mojito mint ice cream, Cacao has also got your chocolate cravings covered: think Baileys and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, smothered in minced walnuts and topped with whipped cream. Probably the most extensive list of ice cream drinks I’ve come across since Angelato stopped serving theirs last year.

Bistro Freak Shake Coffee

A boozy freakshake built for two
A boozy freakshake built for two

Formerly known as Coffee and Cigars, this corner bistro in the Pasáž Světozor has rebranded and is now serving towering milkshakes studded with everything from fruit to frosting—and a shot, or two, of booze upon request. I tried the Indian’s Dream, a chocolate shake dripping with vanilla buttercream, sprinkles, and, glued to the side of the glass with hot fudge, marshmallows, whipped cream, pretzels, and raspberries. The Baileys that I ordered in addition seemed to get lost in all that ice cream and chocolate sauce, but do it once for the brain-freezing fun (and Instagram photo).

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Onesip Coffee

Espresso, vanilla ice cream, and rum at Onesip coffee
Espresso, vanilla ice cream, and rum at Onesip coffee

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On the hunt for the perfect boozy-ice-cream-coffee-drink I turned to the only people I know who could field such a question, the obsessives at Taste of Prague. As per their summer 2016 post, that would be One Sip Coffee’s killer affogato—espresso with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream—made even more lethal with a shot of Czech rum.

Pinko Lemon-Vodka Ice Lollies

Vodka on a stick by Pinko
Vodka on a stick by Pinko

Anyone who has ever plugged a watermelon or made wine ice cubes will appreciate the inventiveness of this company which is bringing its alcohol-laced push-up pops to the Czech market. Keep the Lemon Vodka Coolstick away from the kiddies, though: it contains 3.75% alcohol per 100g. This one is so new, in fact, that it isn’t even available in stores. But follow their FB page for pop-up events throughout the summer. Offering tipsy treats in an array of flavors.

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