A Day in Dig Nation

A Day in Dig Nation

Written by Wendy Wrangham
for Expats.cz

A Day in Dig Nation

From our arresting first look at the rabbit-in-the-headlights eyes of a child as he is named Rex it is no wonder he grows up to be a TV and video-game addict who cannot relate to people or the real world… although the concept of what world is real to Rex remains ambiguous too.

An amazing one man show sees Michael McQuilken perform, with minimal props, in tandem with video projection, sound and music (also produced by this multi-talented performer) as Rex plods through life imitating art imitating life. While commenting on the state of the world via news flashes, Rex is by turns a rock star, starving artist, waiter, post-apocalyptic survivor and hero. However, through clever repetition and media manipulation, we never really know who, where or when Rex is or whether he will be ultimately rescued from his media saturated world by some human connection.

Despite the virtuosity and break neck speed of his acting, singing and dancing performance, the show dragged in places and felt in need of some editing – although this might be due to the late slot it holds. Regardless of this and recognisable nods to Fight Club, The Matrix and 1984, Dig Nation is a superb piece of theatre; musical, physical and cerebral.

Nightly at 10.30pm at Divadlo Na Prádle
Suitable for 13+, English language

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