Review: a fascinating Thomas & Ruhller

Written by Wendy Wrangham
for Expats.cz


Never before has something so slow and so apparently predictable been so fascinating. Thomas & Ruhller have, over the twenty years they´ve been together, managed to produce a show unlike anything I´ve seen before. The long tall straight man and his quite literal counterweight manage to tie themselves in knots, find some sort of balance and then extricate themselves while exploring the flora and fauna around them.

The show opened in their Fringe tent venue but soon absconded into Kampa Park where some lounging inhabitants must have wondered what else was in that last roll up. Their movements are fluid and organic and it´s not just the sheer physicality that´s astounding, it´s their utter disregard for personal space. Their vacant eyes add a zombie-like dedication to their eccentric quest and appeals hugely to squealing kids. A game of fetch, minimalist dancing, standing in a hole or under a tree has never been so amusing and you really aren´t even sure why.

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The slick hair, polyester pants and deadly serious polo necks only add to the incongruity of the pair but their considerable talents and amazing grace create an elegant and unstoppable movable feast. Join the movement tonight because who knows when you´ll have the opportunity to see this weird and wonderful performance again.

TONIGHT ONLY (29 May) at 7.30pm at Divadelní Stan – Nablízko
Non verbal

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