Dr. Brown Behaves

Dr. Brown Behaves

Dr. Brown Behaves

When: 18:00-19:00

At: Tri Plus Jedna
Kavarna 3+1
Plaska 10
Praha 5 – Mala Strana

Review from Brighton Fringe – Three Weeks – May 15, 2009:

Dr Brown Behaves
Dr Brown Inc

This is a real love-it-or-hate-it gig, so know what you’re letting yourself in for; when Californian artist ‘Dr Brown’ says surreal, he really means surreal. A lack of promotion meant the opening night saw a mostly empty room, and this didn’t really work to the artist’s advantage, although it did make for some intimate audience participation involving a series of hats from Dr Brown’s prop suitcase. He extends awkward moments to their absolute maximum – and then some. This is no polished performance: it’s heavily improvised avant-garde. A bigger crowd – or perhaps just a more receptive one – might see Dr Brown come out of his shell, but I still loved it. This show is completely bizarre, and my best recommendation can only be that you go and find that out for yourself.
Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant, 11 – 14 May, times vary, £4.00.
tw rating 4/5

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