Annie Moir returns to the stage

Annie Moir returns to the stage with Glue, her 2nd one-woman show. In it she considers and explores how our lives are held  together (or not) by a variety of different glues.

Her subject matter ranges from advice to our children´s children´s generation, our own immaculate conception – because sex between our parents never happened – did it?  and of course the necessary homage to Shakespeare, this time a re-writing of the McScottish play using references from a certain well known fast food outlet!

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The show is a series of poems held together by a narrative and supported by musical extracts and a variety of unlikely props . Easily accessible, thought provoking and fun, the audience will be glued to their seats throughout.

”….Moir´s poetry is uncomplicated, light-hearted fare served up warmly….” Prague Post, 2009

Kavárna 3+1;   1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th June 2011;   18.15 – 19.15pm

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