Czech Farmer’s Market to Offer Breast-Milk Tasting

Visitors to Brno’s Zelný trh can sample the milk as part of an upcoming documentary on breastfeeding in the Czech Republic
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Visitors to Zelný trh in Brno are accustomed to shopping for fresh produce at the city’s lively afternoon marketplace.

Today, however, a documentary journalist will supplement the line-up of organic fruits and vegetables with another kind of natural offering: breast milk.

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Iva Strnadová will be serving passerby a taste of breast-millk (the source of which is uncertain) as part of an effort to draw awareness to the challenges and cultural biases that women who breastfeed continue to face.

She will be recording reactions for an upcoming Czech Radio segment.

Strnadová told iDnes in an interview: “I’m interested in people’s reaction and whether they will consent to taste the milk.“ 

She continues to say that she is intrigued by the ongoing hypocrisy in a society that glorifies breasts on billboards and magazines but is squeamish about seeing them during lactation.

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Strnadová, who notes that there are just five milk banks in the Czech Republic, hopes her activities will shed light not only on the continued taboos surruonding public breastfeeding but also the general lack of support and information for new mothers.

The tasting will take place from 11 to 13 today. 

The broadcast is due to air on Czech Radio at the end of the year.

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