Achoo! Czechs Suffer Most Colds Internationally

A recent survey may explain the proliferation of sniffle sufferers in Prague this time of year
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As cold and flu season closes in and the number of sniffling passengers on public transport seems to quadruple, a recent survey’s findings that Czechs suffer from more colds than those in other countries comes as no surprise.

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German market research institute GfK asked over 27,000 people in 22 countries which health conditions from a given list they had experienced in the past 12 months. Possible issues included skin rashes, allergies, vomiting or diarrhea, diabetes or pre-diabetes and high cholesterol or blood pressure.

, Achoo! Czechs Suffer Most Colds Internationally, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic

The top five most common ailments reported were a cold bundled with a cough, sore throat, upper respiratory infection, flu or influenza (51 percent), sleeping problems (27 percent), muscle or joint pain (25 percent), weight problems (21 percent), and migraines or severe headaches (21 percent).

Among the findings with local relevance were that more people in the Czech Republic (67 percent) experienced a cold or cough in the last 12 months than in the other countries surveyed. By contrast America claimed the fewest (39 percent).

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The Czech Republic also had the second highest percentage of insomnia sufferers (tied with Turkey at 40 percent) behind Sweden. After colds, the most common complaints by Czech survey takers were muscle soreness (45 percent) and insomnia (40 percent).

The most popular remedy for the common cold among Czechs? This generations-old decongestant made from onion and sugar.

Source: PR Newswire

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Tip: Visit Health for more health & wellness resources in Prague & the Czech Republic!

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