New App Tracks the Best Public Toilets in Prague

For anyone who has ever needed to track down a WC faster than you can say “sightseeing in Prague”
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We’ve showcased Prague’s strangest toilets and reported on the increasing cost of relieving yourself in a public WC in the Czech capital. 

The latest loo-related news will be appreciated by anyone who has ever been caught while out and about with the urgent need to go (McDonald’s? Tesco? Metro station?) and would prefer to do it in private.

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A newly released mobile app, WC Kompas, lets you search for the nearest available toilet based on geographic location. The free app also asks users to rate toilets and add new ones to the map.

What is Prague’s highest rated public toilet?

The WC at Náměstí Bratří Synků gets a high rating: “Beautiful old toilet in the park on the square. The key is for 5CZK in the booth at the entrance of the Vietnamese.”

While an app that helps you find a place to do your business is ripe for toilet humor, for those suffering from chronic diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, being able to find a restroom quickly is no laughing matter.

The application was developed in association with Pacienti IBD, an organization devoted to supporting those with this acute health problem.

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“It isn’t until you really have to go that you realize that there are such low-quality [toilets] and an insufficient number of them,” says Pacienti IBD of the app, which is being released together with a special card that allows people with disabilities access to private toilets and public WCs free of charge.

The app is designed to not only help out people who suffer from these conditions, but seniors, parents of young children, and just about anyone who needs to go—now.

Available from the App Store and Google Play, it can be used throughout the Czech Republic.

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