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Czech Pirate party fights to legalize prostitution in the Czech Republic
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Czech Pirate party fights to legalize prostitution in the Czech Republic

While the business of prostitution is technically prohibited in the Czech Republic - organized prostitution including brothels is officially illegal - the state has long turned a blind eye to the practice. According to a study by the Czech Ministry of Interior earlier this decade, there were 860 brothels operating in the country, and 200 in Prague alone, that may (or may not) comply with the letter of the law but certainly not its spirit. That has resulted in an estimated 13,000 prostitutes in the Czech Republic according to recent reports, many of whom operate in what is currently a legal gray area. That should change, says the Czech Pirate party, as reported by Beyond providing much-needed assistance for those who currently engaged in the prostitution business and public health benefits (HIV rates decreased by 16% in Switzerland after government regulation of prostitution), regulation could also mean big business for the state. "We want to address an area that has not been addressed for a long time and which is still problematic in many parts of the Czech Republic," Jakub Michálek, Pirate party representative in the Czech Chamber of Deputies, said when introducing his party’s proposal. "The number of…

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