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Popular Prague runner’s club is now offering free training online

While the Prague half marathon has been cancelled organizers are still opitimistic about the May 3 marathon; free training is currently being offered online
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In September 2019, Adidas Runbase, somewhat of a branded locker room for runners who want to convene before going the distance, added Prague to its list of worldwide locations in cities around the world including New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

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In early January it kicked off an initiative with RunCzech to help experienced and first-time runers train for the upcoming Prague Halfmarathon and Prague Marathon, slated to take place March 28 and May 3, respectively, for free.

While the March 28 race was canceled in the days following the coronavirus outbreak in the Czech Republic, the Volkswagen Prague Marathon is still due to take place and those training sessions have been moved online.

“The sporting world had to stop for a while. The races are postponed. Sports facilities are closed. However, Adidas Runners Prague members can still meet regularly for online training sessions,” RunBase organizers said in a press release.

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Virtual training videos are now live streamed via the club’s Facebook group, with trainers preparing video lessons every day. Tutorials include all areas of sports training, incorporated into the RunBase Prague program including movement, regeneration, psyche, and nutrition.

Visitors can join a morning workout, an early-evening yoga lesson, do mobility training, strength training, functional training, as well as breathing exercises. In addition, coaches will give you interesting tips and tricks to keep you in shape during quarantine via podcasts and Q&A sessions.

To participate in the next online session, join the adidas Adidas Runners Prague group on Facebook.

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