Survey Says Most Czech Men Prefer Meat to Women

A number of Czech men would put their relationship on the chopping block when asked to go meat-free for a vegetarian partner
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This one goes out to anyone whose Czech mate has stared a little too longingly at a vepřo knedlo zelo.

As reported by the Czech women’s magazine Žena, the dating site eDarling recently conducted a survey in which Czech men were asked: If given an ultimatum of “me or meat” from your vegetarian partner, which would you chose?

In what the magazine described as a “slightly scary” outcome, 81 percent of those surveyed indicated that in such a juicy scenario, meat would win out.

Of the 2,000 survey participants interviewed, almost half of the respondents (45 percent) said they would be willing to partially forgo meat if tactfully asked to do so by a partner; 36 percent would even be willing to stop eating meat in front of a partner, and nine percent could be persuaded to switch to vegetarianism.

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Only five percent of Czech lady vegetarians said they would actually attempt to convert a partner to a meat-free diet. Twenty-three percent of those vegetarians surveyed said they would be pleased if their partner ate less meat, and almost three-quarters (72 percent) said that their partner’s eating habits were in dire need of a change.

For comparison, 92 percent of Czech men who consume meat said that they would enter into a relationship with a vegetarian.

The publication suggests that these numbers give important context to the shocking stat that 81 percent of men would rather give up a relationship than go without meat—the problem being not so much the vegetarian diet, but an unwillingness to commit to a controlling partner who would issue such an ultimatum.

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