US Health Care Spending More than Double that of Czech Republic

The Bloomberg Health Care Efficiency Index reveals the nations with the best-value medical services
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If you’re contemplating a move to the Czech Republic and you’re from the US, consider this: A new survey has revealed that Americans spend more than double on health care compared to residents of the Czech lands.

The Bloomberg Health Care Efficiency Index analyzes medical costs and values across 56 economies to reflect the countries with the most (and least) efficient health care.

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According to newly released data, US citizens have the second-highest per-capita spending on health care (16.8 percent relative to GDP) at $9,536 versus residents of the Czech Republic (7.3 percent) at $1,284.

US Health Care Spending More than Double that of Czech Republic

Interestingly the average life expectancy of for Czechs (78.6 years) is almost at parity with the US — and yet America was at the bottom of a ranking which examined health expenditure for preventive and curative health services, family planning, nutrition activities, and emergency aid.

Overall, the Czech Republic was classified among the mid-tier countries, ranking #30, a drop of seven places from last year, with an efficiency score of 49.8.

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For comparison, the UK ranked #35  (46.3) and the US #54 (29.6).

Hong Kong was tracked as the most efficient healthcare system in the world, followed by Singapore, Spain, Italy, and South Korea.

See the full Health Care Efficiency Index here.

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