Cost of Living – 2011 Update looks at how much does it cost to live in Prague
This is an outdated document for 2011 – Please see our 2015 update here

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Even before you’ve considered dealing with the red tape, you might be wondering how far your salary will stretch in the Czech capital. Once again we’ve created an up-to-date table of Prague living costs in Czech, European, British and US currency.

Since our last table was published for 2010, food prices and transport costs have remained stable. Overall rental prices have risen slightly. According to Mladá Fronta Dnes, rent across the country has gone up on average by 0.58%, even though property prices have dropped. Their average regional prices can be found here (it’s in Czech, and the prices are an overall average.)

Standard hotels have remained about the same. However, looking through this list will turn up some very good bargains (at least at  the time of writing).

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The Euro has continued to gradually fall against the Czech Crown. The US Dollar strengthened in the middle of last year only to fall again. At the moment it appears to be increasing in value. By mid 2010 the British Pound had peaked at just above 30 CZK. It is making some gains now.

Given the slight strength of the British and American currencies and general stability of prices, Prague remains fairly inexpensive compared to most European capitals with the exception of consumer items.

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Large Sausage from Wenceslas Square502.031.702.63
Lunch for one in a pub1305.294.436.86
Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant 55022.3818.7729.02
Lunch for one in a sandwich bar 702.852.393.69
Combo meal at KFC or McDonald’s 1054.273.585.54
Coffee and Cake in Central Cafe 1004.073.585.54
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 351.421.191.85
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 602.442.053.17
A shot of vodka (20 ml) 301.221.021.58
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 351.421.191.84
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 351.421.191.84


 Milk (1 liter) 150.610.51 0.79
 Loaf of Fresh Bread (Šumavský)210.880.72 1.12
 Loaf of White Sliced Bread210.880.72 1.12
 French Baguette (Large)190.800.64 1.01
 Eggs (10)200.840.68 1.06
 Cheese (100g) – Eidam150.880.77 1.23
 Whole Chicken753.052.55 3.95
 1kg Apples (Granny Smith)301.221.02 1.58
 Water (1.5 liter bottle)100.410.34 0.53
 Bottle of Czech Wine753.052.55 3.95
 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle)110.450.38 0.58
 Imported Beer (0.5 liter bottle)230.940.80 1.22
 Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)823.362.79 4.35
 Pack of Cigarettes – Czech Brand672.752.28 3.55


Limited Ticket (20/30 min.)180.730.610.95
75-Minute Ticket 261.060.851.32
24-hour Pass1004.073.415.28
5-Day Pass50020.3517.0526.39
Month Pass55022.3818.7529.04
Month Pass, Child1305.294.446.86
Month Pass, Student 26010.588.8713.71
Month Pass, Senior25010.178.5213.19
Annual Pass4,750193.32162.11250.66
Taxi (airport to center)50020.3517.0526.39
Taxi (within center) 2008.146.8210.56
Liter Petrol (Natural 95)33.161.351.131.75

A  full list of public transportation prices is here.

London (All Airports)4800195.36163.82253.30
Paris (All Airports)3890158.32132.75205.27
New York (All Airports)19786805.29675.291044.11


Room in Flatshare, Prague 1/27,000284.90238.91


Room in Flatshare, Outside Center6,000244.20204.78316.62
Studio Flat, Prague 1/212,150495.50414.67641.16
Studio Flat, Outsider Center 9,100370.37310.58480.21
Flat (1+1) in Prague 1/215,200618.64518.77802.11
Flat (1+1) Outside Center 13,650555.55465.8772.31
Flat (2+1) in Prague 1/221,500875.05733.791134.56
Flat (2+1) Outside Center 15,250620.68520.58804.75
4 Star Hotel, Dbl Room (Per Night)2,58010588.05136.14
Hostel, Bed in Dorm (Per Night)2259.167.6811.87

UTILITIES, ETC. (Monthly) 
Basic (Gas, Electricity, etc.)2,500108.0294.29150.48
Phone (Land Line) 60023.1420.2032.25
Mobile Phone80030.8626.9442.99
Internet (ADSL) 60019.2816.8326.86

Exchange rates:
1 USD = 18.95 CZK
1 GBP = 29.30 CZK
1 EUR = 24.57 CZK
(As of January 9th 2011)

NOTES: This is a rough guide to prices only and all prices are based on a median. Prices include VAT (value added tax), which remains at 20% full rate, or 10% reduced rate.

The average costs were taken from the supermarkets Albert Hypermarket and Billa. The water was the Czech brand Dobrá Voda. The domestic beer was Gambrinus, and the imported beer Stella Artois. An inexpensive meal for one was calculated at a main course (a schnizel or goulash), plus potatoes or dumplings, and two beers. The meal for two at a mid-range restaurant included the soup of the day, main courses, dessert and wine. Remember prices near the tourist centers are maybe 25% to 30% higher than the average.

There are two caveats regarding housing prices and utilities. A number of factors will determine rental price, such as proximity to historical areas, whether the flat is in a modern, old or panel building and the flat’s size. Utilities will depend on heating and the energy efficiency of appliances. Comparing prices is advisable.

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