Koala superimposed over an image of the Australian fire. via Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo raising money to help Australian wildlife

People can donate to a special account set up to help wildlife in Australia

Prague Zoo is raising money to help Australia recover from the wildfires that have been devastating the continent. More than 84,000 square kilometers have been burned, and up to 1 billion animals have died in the fires.

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Among the species endangered by fire are koalas, though they are certainly not the only ones. Some species may go extinct due to the fires, according to experts.

In order to accommodate people who want to contribute directly through its “We Help Them to Survive” account, Prague Zoo set up a special variable symbol for donations to help Australia:

IBAN: CZ24 0100 0000 4368 0466 0247
SWIFT code (bank identifier code): KOMBCZPPXXX
Variable symbol: 12020
Comment for recipient: Australia

In just three days, 876,608 CZK were collected through a fundraiser announced by the zoo on January 6. Another 160,000 CZK comes from the 3 CZK set aside from every entry fee. project. In total, the zoo has over 1 million CZK to help Australia.

“We have been working with our Australian colleagues for a long time – for example, we support the rescue of Tasmanian devils. That’s another reason why we have decided to help Australia in its difficult situation. These extensive fires threaten the local fauna and significantly worsen the already serious situation that many unique species find themselves in,” Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek said.

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“Following our experience with the floods at our zoo, we know full-well that any assistance – no matter how small – means a great deal to those affected,” he added.

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Prague Zoo has urged the public to support the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund administered by Zoos Victoria. At the same time, it asked Prague City Council to release AUD 10,000 (about 157,000 CZK) for this account. The Council approved the proposal January 8.

“More specifically, this goes to assist in-situ projects. Every visitor that comes to Prague Zoo contributes 3 CZK to it,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (United Force for Prague) said. “During this catastrophe, we will provide Zoos Victoria with the resources for emergency veterinary care and environmental protection.”

The amount collected so far surprised Prague Zoo’s director. “All those who are not indifferent to the fate of the Australian fauna (and others) and who have contributed or are about to, are owed a huge debt of thanks!” Bobek said.

The funds obtained will be used to protect nature and endangered animal species. They will be distributed after Prague Zoo has consulted with its Australian colleagues.

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