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Woof! Attend a Special Pup-Friendly Screening of Isle of Dogs

Several cinemas in Prague and beyond are inviting canine cinema-goers to attend a dog-friendly screening of the new Wes Anderson film

The Czech Republic is a nation of dog lovers; unsurprisingly, dogs—often adorably sweater-clad and tiny—are typically welcome in pubs and restaurants especially those with outdoor seating areas, where normally unsmiling waiters will cheerfully bring them a bowl of water.

Czechs tend to humanize dogs by giving them English names. While “Fido” and “Spot” may do the trick elsewhere, it isn’t unusual while walking through a Prague park to hear “Stephanie” or “Harold” called for in the vocative case with a heavy accent. (Although loving them and cleaning up after them is another thing entirely!).

If you are a new-to-Prague dog owner you may not know that dogs are also welcome at some cinemas; so much so that in past years the Aero group of cinemas has even hosted a special festival for dogs.

Read more about where you can and cannot take your dog here.

Continuing in that tradition, Aero, Bio Oko, and Světozor, along with sister cinemas in Hradec Králové and the Scala in Brno will be screening a special pre-premiere of Wes Anderson’s new film Isle of Dogs this evening.

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“In our cinema, along with a handful of others throughout the republic, you can accompany your dog all year round. We are dog-friendly. This means that if the dog does not disturb other viewers during the screening, we do not have the slightest problem with his presence in the hall,” says David Beranek, director of Prague’s Bio Oko.

In the case of Isle of Dogs, people are invited to take their doggie pals to the cinema en masse as the screening is especially for pups. Water will be made available for dogs as well as blankets for them to sit on during the film.

What if they have to, erm you know? Says Jakub Fürst, Aerofilms spokesperson:

“Sometimes the owners need to go out because of this. But the number of small puddles is almost zero in many years. I have to say that dog owners who visit our cinemas are pretty amazing people and their dogs really know how to behave during screening.”

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The stop-motion animated film Isle of Dogs was the hit of this year’s Berlinale. It tells the story of a dog flu epidemic in the fictional Japanese city Megasaki. Voice talents include Bryan Cranston and Greta Gerwig.

While not all cultures are as passionate about dogs as the Czech Republic, cinemas around the world are inviting dog lovers to bring their pets to special screenings of the film including movie theaters in LA, NYC, and London.

These are the showtimes for dog-friendly screenings in Czech cinemas (ticketing info is here).

  • Aero 9/5 18:00
  • Bio Oko 9/5 20:30
  • Světozor 9/5 20:30
  • Bio Central 9/5 18:00
  • Scala University Cinema 9/5 20:30

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