Cartoon Favorites to Get a Dual-Language Option In the Czech Republic

An English-friendly television option for the pint-sized debuts in the Czech Republic this month

In an effort to promote English-language learning in the Czech Republic, one digital television provider has announced that it will be offering children’s animated favorites in a dual-language option.

Earlier this month O2 TV announced that shows on Nick Junior and the Cartoon Network will be available in the original English, in addition to a Czech audio track.

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The channels are available in both languages as part of the O2 TV L and O2 TV XL packages.

“Children can practice in foreign languages in a fun way, thanks to back viewing and switching language versions, for example, they can first release the English and then the Czech version of their favorite animation,” says Anna Lener, the head of O2 TV’s programming.

Nick Junior broadcasts on O2 TV continuously every day on channel 99. Cartoon Network broadcasts 24 hours a day on channel 95.

Shows that have the feature enabled include Powder Puff Girls, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Ben 10 as well as a number of educational programs (press the yellow button on your O2 TV remote for languages).

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Subtitling vs. dubbing has long been a controversial issue in Czech culture; currently, bilingual broadcasting is only offered by public television broadcaster on Česká Televize on selected programs on satellite television.

In related news, the newly launched Kids Kino Prague project offers regular screenings of English-language animated films at Kino Pilotů in Vršovice has had great success among parents seeking English-language films without Czech dubbing and Czech parents wishing to introduce their children to foreign language in a fun way.

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