Low-Rent Car Speaks Czech in New Black Mirror Episode

Low-Rent Car Speaks Czech in New Black Mirror Episode

The anthology sci-fi series Black Mirror – currently one of the top 50 TV shows of all-time going by user ratings on IMDb – has been resurrected after a two-year absence thanks to Netflix, who released six new episodes of the show last Friday.

The first episode, Nosedive, depicts a world that probably doesn’t seem that far off: people are endlessly rating each other’s social media (and real-life) interactions in order to approach a coveted 5-star rating.

Protagonist Lacie Pound, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is at a 4.2 rating as the show opens. And her quest for perfection, as the episode title hints at, doesn’t exactly go well. 

At one point during her trip to a friend’s wedding, Lacie is forced to accept a low-end rental car that she would never have to take were she among the highly-rated elite.

And to emphasize just how shitty the car is, it happens to speak Czech.

There isn’t much that non-Czech-speaking viewers would have missed, but here’s the scene with English subtitles courtesy of YouTuber David Vávra:

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Nosedive was written by Rashida Jones and Michael Schur (who previously collaborated on Parks and Recreation) and directed by Joe Wright (Anna Karenina). 

The third season of Black Mirror premiered on Netflix in the US and UK on October 21, but has yet to see an official release in the Czech Republic.

Dave Park

David Park was born and raised in Baltimore and has been living in the Czech Republic since 2009 after studying journalism in Prague. No stranger to controversial topics, feel free to comment on his articles and let him know how you *really* feel.

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