Melania Trump Has a Czech News Anchor Look-Alike

TV Nova moderator Petra Svoboda bears a striking resemblance to the the Slovenian-born First Lady

All eyes are currently on the newly minted First Lady who made a big post-inauguration splash—the blue dress, the blue box, the icy-blue stare—and in some circles is being celebrated as the first immigrant woman to fill the role.

In the post-inauguration media frenzy, the Czech tabloids are reporting that Melania, 46, has a Czech doppelganger (complete with chestnut locks and razor-sharp cheekbones) who would make the perfect stand-in for the Slovenian ex-supermodel.

This Sunday Czech make-up artist Eva Ceralová posted a photo of her client, Czech anchor woman Petra Svoboda on Facebook with the caption: “Who can say they [worked on] Melania Trump? I can, today! TV anchor Petra Svoboda is so similar, I think it counts!”

Melania Trump / Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Melania Trump / Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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President Trump’s hard-line policies on immigration and battles with the intelligence community are seen as similar to those of Czech president Miloš Zeman who was invited to the White House in December.

It seems the connections, no matter how tenuous, between the Czech Republic and the Trumps just keep rolling in.

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