New Mozart Movie Now Shooting in Prague

Three decades after Amadeus, Mozart returns to the Czech capital in Interlude in Prague

One of the most famous movies shot in Prague was 1984’s Amadeus, which was directed by Czech émigré Miloš Forman and to this day represents some of the best use of the city (which filled in for 18th-century Vienna) on celluloid.

Now, another Mozart movie is shooting in the Czech capital, reports Variety.

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Interlude in Prague, a drama about the legendary composer’s adventures in the titular city while composing the opera Don Giovanni, will be shot in Prague and other locations throughout the Czech Republic over the next six weeks.

Aneurin Barnard, known best for his roles in the recent BBC adaptation of War & Peace and the 2012 horror film Citadel, will star as Mozart.

The cast also includes James Purefoy (who also starred in the Prague-shot Solomon Kane), Samantha Banks (Les Misérables), and Morfydd Clark (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).

Filming locations for the movie include Prague’s Estates Theatre, which memorably filled in for the Vienna Opera House in Amadeus. 

The movie will be shot in a number of Czech locations during its six-week shoot, according to Variety, including stops in Ploskovice, Chateau Jemniště, and Chateau Libochovice.

Behind the camera, Interlude in Prague will be directed by John Stephenson (The Christmas Candle), who previously served as a visual effects supervisor on The English Patient

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