Pat & Mat Get Their Own Movie

The beloved icons of Czech animation turn 40 this year, and they're coming to cinemas this month to celebrate

In Czech culture, Pat & Mat has become synonymous with DIY  gone wrong; next to Zdeněk Miler’s little mole Krtek, the stop-motion handymen might be the country’s most beloved animated characters.

In my own rundown of the top Czech cartoons, I ranked the slapstick pair #1.

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In 2016, Pat and Mat turn 40; they were created by Lubomír Beneš and Vladimír Jiránek back in 1976, first appearing in the short Kuťáci before landing their own series.

And to celebrate the occasion, Pat & Mat are getting their own feature film. Simply titled Pat & Mat ve filmu (Pat & Mat: The Movie), the 80-minute film will premiere in Czech cinemas in just a few weeks, on March 31.

In the tradition of the Czech invention of the selfie stick, Pat & Mat have even crafted their own version as revealed in recent photos posted to the pair’s Facebook page.

The movie has been written and directed by Marek Beneš, son of original creator Lubomír Beneš, whose work on the show dates back to 1992; he saved the series after his father’s company went into bankruptcy in 1995.

While Pat & Mat is a Czech creation, like many children’s shows (Shaun the Sheep, Ozzy and the Cockroaches) it is mostly dialogue-free, making it ideal fare for audiences of any language.

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