Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Returns to Prague’s Kino Aero

After a sold-out performance at last year’s Shockproof Film Fest, Rocky Horror Live is set to become an (ir)regular event

It’s the definition of a cult classic: the sci-fi/horror/comedy/musical Rocky Horror Picture Show, which went relatively unloved upon release in 1975 but has built up one of the biggest – and strangest – cinematic fan bases in the forty years since, has finally come to Prague.

Upon rerelease of the film as a “midnight movie” in the 1970s, fans familiar with the material would quote lines of dialogue and hurl abuse towards the screen. This eventually evolved into organized “shadow cast” performances of the film, where a large cast of actors would mime the film on stage and members of the audience could participate by throwing various objects towards the screen at the appropriate moments.

Interactive screenings of the film have become a staple in the US, especially around Halloween. At Universal Studios’ CityWalk in Orlando, Florida, the theater group The Rich Weirdos has been performing Rocky Horror Picture Show every weekend for years.

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Live performances of Rocky Horror have spread internationally in recent years, while Richard O’Brien’s original stage musical has also experienced a resurgence across the UK.

The runaway success of last year’s Shockproof Film Festival at Prague’s Kino Aero was a live “shadow cast” rendition of Rocky Horror that featured more than a dozen actors miming on stage while the film unspooled behind them.

Tickets to the show sold out well in advance, leading organizers to schedule a second “test” performance the day before.

Here’s a short video from the show:

So popular was the screening that Rocky Horror Picture Show Live is returning to Kino Aero for additional performances. From their web: “The Shockproof Film Festival, with the help of its friends, proudly presents its biggest interactive screening, now returning on an irregular basis.”

The next screening of the film will be on Saturday, January 23 at Kino Aero. Tickets run 250 CZK.

“After careful consideration, we decided that the best and most entertaining way of getting rid of excess weight gained over Christmas would be to engage in healthy exercise in high heels, corsets and garters on the stage of our favorite cinema” said Petr Šaroch, who will play Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) in the live show.

Keep an eye out for further dates.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Returns to Prague's Kino Aero

Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Returns to Prague's Kino Aero

This year’s Shockproof Film Festival, a celebration of “decay, bad taste, garbage, and entertainment beyond the ordinary”, will return to Kino Aero from March 8 – 13 under the theme of “Contagion.”

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