Stanley Kubrick Retrospective Hits Prague’s Kino Aero Next Week

Nine of the legendary director’s classic films will be screened in digitally restored versions from November 1-4

He’s one of the cinema world’s all-time great directors, and next week he’ll be getting his due at Prague’s Kino Aero. 

A four-day mini-festival and retrospective of Stanley Kubrick, entitled Kubrick in Aero, will see nine of the acclaimed filmmaker’s classic features, from 1956’s The Killing to 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut, screen in digitally restored prints.

Here’s the full schedule:

Tuesday, November 1:
18:00 | The Killing
20:00 | Barry Lyndon

Wednesday, November 2:
18:00 | Full Metal Jacket
20:30 | 2001: A Space Odyssey

Thursday, November 3:
18:00 | Lolita
20:45 | A Clockwork Orange

Friday, November 4:
18:00 | Dr. Strangelove
20:00 | The Shining
22:45 | Eyes Wide Shut

Kubrick’s prime resulted in eleven classic films over four-plus decades from 1956 to his death in 1999. Among those, only 1957’s Paths of Glory and 1960’s Spartacus will not be featured during the four-day festival at Aero.

Two earlier films, 1953’s Fear and Desire and 1955’s Killer’s Kiss, remain obscure for all but Kubrick completists.

Each of the films at the festival, with the possible exceptions of 1962’s Lolita and Eyes Wide Shut, are bona-fide cinema classics, though despite four Oscar nominations, Kubrick never won the Best Director prize.

The only Kubrick film to win an Academy Award was 2001: A Space Odyssey, for Best Visual Effects in 1969.

Of all the films screened, the underseen Barry Lyndon might be the one most worthy of a recommendation. Opportunities to catch it in the cinema are rare, and because of its revolutionary use of natural lighting, it may lose more in the transition to the small screen than other movies.

Tickets to the films can be purchased individually at 120 CZK apiece from Kino Aero’s official site.

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