Tom Hanks Explores Brno’s Secret Sex History in New Trailer

Robert Langdon uncovers the mystery behind the Moravian capital’s unique artwork in this fan-made parody of The Da Vinci Code

It’s no secret: Brno has some unusual pieces of artwork.

Even The Guardian recently pointed out Jaroslav Róna’s Bravery, an equestrian statue that happens to look like a man’s genitalia when viewed from underneath, as well as the city’s astronomical clock, which rivals Prague’s version by resembling “a giant vibrator.”

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But what do they all mean?

Well, Tom Hanks’ expert symbologist Robert Langdon is on the case in a new fan-made trailer that inserts the Da Vinci Code actor over footage of the Moravian capital. 

The trailer incorporates scenes of Hanks in the Dan Brown adaptations The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons along with shots of Brno and a new Czech-language narrative, complete with English subtitles for the Czech-impaired:

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