7 Crazy Czech Revival Bands

Czechs have elevated the revival band to an art form (well, some of them have)

If geography, finances, or death has prevented you from seeing your favorite rock legends from the Velvet Underground to Bryan Adams (why do all Czech seem to love Bryan Adams?), chances are their local cover versions are playing at a club near you. Don’t see your nostalgic favorite here? You might want to hit Revival Fest near Hradec Králové this August 1-2, 2014 featuring Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns ‘n Roses, Nirvana, ABBA, Robbie Williams, and more. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Tom Petty 52

These veteran musicians have mastered the feel good music of an American legend – and band mates describe the lead singer with a photographic memory for lyrics as “a musical genius.” The 52 in the name represents the year that most of the band members were born, just a couple years after Petty himself. You can catch them playing regularly at Hudebni Klub Palmovka


It takes guts to try to fill Freddie Mercury’s shoes, particularly in a second language, but Queenie’s showmanship and falsetto do the original glam rock gods proud. Since making the semi-finals of Czech and Slovakia’s Got Talent (Československo má Talent) in 2010, they’ve maintained a full touring schedule. Catch them at Vagon August 29.


Pavel Gawliczek never imagined that a friend’s suggestion to try singing “Highway to Hell” would eventually lead to his fronting not one, but two AC/DC cover bands. Pavel plays regularly with AC/CZ and occasionally with AC/DS (short for do Švestek or “until the plum harvest”). You can find the raspy growls and guitar solos of AC/CZ crossing the country on the festival circuit this summer, from Teplice to Karlovy Vary.

Green Day Revival

This multi-generational group has one thing in common – the love of a good guitar riff. According to their website “they are not a cabaret revival,” so there are no showy costumes or dance moves, but the lead singer still bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Clapton himself. They will be playing a double bill with the Czech Led Zeppelin revival August 28 at Vagon.


These guys deserve the award for all out imitation of their Irish inspiration. From Bono’s wraparound glasses and flair for the dramatic to The Edge’s mischievous grin beneath his beanie, I did a double take the first time I saw them play live. 

Robbie Williams Revival Brno

Most of my Czech friends can name more Robbie Williams songs than I can, so it’s no surprise that this Brno-based band has been playing for more than ten years. If you’re a Take That fan who can sing along to more than just “Angels” (and you don’t mind traveling to Moravia) you can enjoy this wannabe English crooner on the festival circuit on August 30 at Guláš Fest!

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Which revival bands have you seen in Prague or elsewhere?

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