Czech Radio mulls ban on Michael Jackson

But despite bans by BBC and others worldwide in the wake of Leaving Neverland, other radio stations in the Czech Republic will continue to play the King of Pop

Following the release of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, renewed interest in sex abuse allegations against Michael Jackson has led to the singer’s still-popular music being pulled from radio stations around the globe

While a widely-reported claim that the BBC has banned Jackson’s music was later rebutted by the British broadcaster, dozens of other stations around the world confirmed that they had instituted a Jackson ban. Even The Simpsons has pulled a 1991 episode in which the singer lent his voice.

Here in the Czech Republic, the country’s leading radio station, Czech Radio, is currently considering a ban on the King of Pop.

“We need to become more familiar with the topic and discuss it,” Czech Radio Director of Communications, Marketing and Trade Jiří Hošna told

According to Hošna, the most popular Czech Radio station currently includes three or four Michael Jackson songs in its regular rotation.

“It should be noted that Michael Jackson has never been convicted of the crime,” Hošna communicated in another statement.

“First of all, we want to consider, on the one hand, the ethical and moral aspect of the case, and on the other hand, that Michael Jackson’s work is undeniably among of the legacy of pop culture and the character of Michael Jackson as an author and singer – whatever his personal life – has influenced significantly the history of world music.”

But while Czech Radio discusses the topic, other stations have taken a stronger stance in affirming that Jackson’s music will not be pulled.

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“Unless I am mistaken, Michael Jackson’s trial was rid of all charges,” a representative from Radio Kiss told

“From a legal point of view, he’s innocent. We recognize the emotions surrounding the documentary, but if I speak for the Kiss Radio team, we are not going to draw conclusions on the basis of a commercial documentary. Michael Jackson stays in the Kiss Radio playlist.”

For many local stations, the matter is moot – – Jackson isn’t a regular fixture in their lineups.

“We have not issued any ban and no further action is planned,” a spokesperson for Europe 2 told

“Europe 2 has almost no Michael Jackson songs in the playlist anyway, as our audience prefers a different kind of music.”

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